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More Than Money - Real-Life Stories of Financial Planning

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More Than Money hit bookshelves on March 21st, 2023.

Our very own Jeff Smith, contributed a chapter to the collection of stores based on actual clients, showing how REAL financial planning impacts their lives.

The impact shows up in all walks of life, from young to old, from those in debt to those who are wealthy; in all situations from designing a lifestyle they want, to dealing with a catastrophic event. This book illustrates how valuable financial planning is.

"Forget the textbooks, this is what happens in the real world."

                                                        - Morgan Housel

Making an Impact

Our primary goal with this book was to make an impact... impact on households around the world and the financial planning profession.

For that reason, the authors have agreed to donate 100% of the books (net) proceeds to organizations like 

the Foundation for Financial Planning and the BLX Internship Program.